Thursday, June 4, 2009

catching up...

as promised, a post to catch up on the past couple of months..

charlie and daddy's evening ritual... after dinner cookies...

being a helper and bringing back the garbage can...(i usually let him ride on top but i couldnt dare post a picture of such a thing...)

pajamas and cowboy boots... perfect morning chores outfit...(for those of youwho knew "daddy" from 1996-2004, notice the white t-shirt and blue jeans w/ boots have been replaced w/ "grown up clothes")

i graduated from southern seminary with my master of divinity degree on may 15.
it was a long hard road, but with the support of this beautiful lady i made it!

glad mom and dad could make the trip...

getting his "hair did"

all done!

sweet piper

ride 'em cowboy! charlie on "bullseye" (he named it himself...though he stole it from toy story 2)

happy 2nd birthday charles!

opening presents...

aunt katie takeing charlie for a ride in his new wagon...

sleeping beauty

pretty momma and unhappy baby

Monday, June 1, 2009

the cavness kids...

no.. not those two... (stephanie and stephen circa summer 1986)

these two! charlie (2 yrs.) and piper (6 weeks) may 2009