Monday, October 20, 2008

wardrobe malfunctions

we promise we dress our son... and he looks like such a "little boy" in all of his outfits

sometimes, he will even stay dressed for awhile... (how he knows that the longhaired skinny guy in that picture is me i do not know, but he points right at it and says "da-da!!!)
but sometimes you just have to get comfortable, and nothing says comfortable like a diaper and boots your gran bought you.

or... a diaper, light up tennis shoes, and a lawn mower w/ grandpa harry...(who, before you call child/family services, wants everyone to know that "the blade was not on")

and well... frankly, sometimes we just dont want that new diaper...(at least his feet aren't cold)

Friday, October 3, 2008

like his parents...

charlie is showing signs of sharing two of his parents' great loves- reading and the outdoors...
he has a laundry basket full of books that he loves to "read" and have read to him, and we can hardly keep him indoors... he begs to go outside regularly.