Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Wow...I'm so behind...this could be long!

Here's our little man just being himself...the life of the party! This was an old lampshade that I was going to throw away, but why do that before you can get the best use out of it?!?

Charlie's really been into the movie Toy Story lately, so I guess he's got cowboys on the mind. Doesn't he make a cute one? (Hat, Boots, and Horse courtesy of Pawpaw and Gran)

Oh, and if you didn't know, cowboys also make very good gymnasts. My cowboy can stand on his head!! (Yeah, just check out that belly in the background!! Huge!)

Who needs pants out on the open range?

Charlie and I discovered a new game to play in his room...

Which one's Charlie?!?

This is how I happened upon my little guy the other day...doing the itsy bitsy spider in momma's laundry basket!

Charlie loves to take his socks off and check between each of his toes for a "piece" (of toe jam or sock fuzz)!! The only thing is, his toes are so ticklish, he can hardly stand to do it!

Here, he decided to try on Daddy's shoes and socks. He's got a way to go before he can fill those shoes!

Charlie has also become a little apple lover lately. Here, I'd given him a red one that he decided he didn't like (I tried it because it was smaller) so I gave him a "pink" one. Then he decided that he wanted them both! I really wouldn't mind this at all except that after a couple of bites, he usually decides he just wants to chew a bite up for a while and then spit it out in momma's hand...gross!

Charlie's grandparents got him a computer. He loves it! He can identify most of his letters in one game, tell which item is the biggest in another, and then another favorite is one where he gets the monkey on the screen to play some music! He works really hard and then just dances and smiles!!

Charlie is getting to be such a big boy! He is getting really good with a fork. Here, he's using one of his own, but most of the time, he asks for momma's, meaning he wants to use a big metal fork like I do. He still does pretty well with that too.

This has been classic Charlie for a while now. Every now and then, he decides he's tired of using his hands or a utensil to eat with and he will just go for it with his face. We call him our little puppy! Here, he dropped a raisin on the ground and decided to eat it up instead of picking it up! Who knows?!?

I hope that is a good update! I'll try not to wait as long between posts from now on...although with Piper so close, you may have to cut me some slack! We'll be sure to post quickly when she arrives though so you can share in our joy! I'll see if I can't get at least one or two more in before she gets here so you can see her nursery and maybe some pics of a shower the ladies at church gave me.


Please Pray for "Pawpaw" (Stephen's Dad)- he was just diagnosed with inoperable lymphoma. He will begin treatment soon. So far he and Gran (Stephen's Mom) are positive (as are the doctors) that the tumor will respond favorably to chemo.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Keep a countin' down!!

Oh my goodness...do you see that countdown to Piper on the side?!?! 37 days! I am sooooo ready to be able to bend over, and sit normally, and sleep on my stomach, and just not be huge again!!!

Sorry, no pictures or really anything of much importance this time. I just am really ready to not be pregnant anymore and to have our little girl here with us! I'll do better next time and try to get some new pictures up here.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

blast from the past...

spring 2004

before piper was on the way...
before charlie was making us laugh...
before she knew he was going to be a preacher...
before *he* knew he was going to be a preacher...
before the wedding...
before "the ring"...
(right after "the haircut")

has it really only been 5 yrs ?