Tuesday, May 24, 2011

There are moments...

...that make it all worthwhile.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Smile for the camera!

We got Charlie's 4 year and Piper's 2 year pictures made this week in Louisville and I couldn't wait to get back here and post them! I think they turned out so well! The pictures I've posted are a little rough because they put the unedited versions on the cd that came with our package...but you still get the idea. I put some of the "outtakes" on here too because I thought they were funny. Enjoy!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

You MUST read this...

Ok, parents, I just read this article (thanks to my husband posting it on facebook), and I just had to pass it on! I don't know about you, but I put A LOT of pressure on myself as a parent; especially in the area of my children's growth toward salvation and relationship with Jesus Christ. I've been convinced that there has to be a "right" way and that I have the potential to ruin any chance that they will grow up to be good people. This article was a godsend in the way that it reminds me that I don't have that much power!! Really, you've got to read it! It didn't give me freedom to make excuses, but it has given me the freedom to be the parent God made me to be! Whew!

Parenting 001 – Kevin DeYoung: "- Sent using Google Toolbar"

Friday, May 6, 2011


Here's a few pictures that I forgot in that last post. The first is just a cute one of Piper in a new dress she got for her birthday and the rest are from Easter...You can tell how well it went trying to get a good picture of both of the kids!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

I think I can, I think I can, I think I can...blog

So again, I hang my head in shame over the length of time that has passed since my last blog. Even worse, I will admit that I've gotten a new camera, so I have pictures to post. The truth is, I've just been too lazy to pick through all the cords in our drawer and find the right one to put the pictures on the computer! BUT...ta da! Today I have done it! I finally put our pictures on the computer so that I can post them here! I'll stick to the kids on this post, but soon, I will post my fun "vacation" to St. Louis with my husband...fun fun!! There's gonna be a bunch of pictures, and goodness knows I don't know how to get them in any logical order, so I'll just "narrate" as they show up! Here goes...

Daddy and Piper on Easter. We eat at a local mexican restaurant after church every Sunday and Easter was no different! (It's not that I'm THAT horrible of a mom and didn't cook Easter Sunday lunch, it's just that we had planned to go to Louisville, but changed our plans last minute and it was too late for me to plan/shop/cook!)

Charlie eagerly awaiting his "burrito" (It's actually an enchilada)...

Piper always just sticks to her snacks...this child won't eat ANYTHING!!!

Our church had an Easter egg hunt on Saturday before Easter. Piper LOVED it! I don't have any shots of Charlie because he was with the bigger kids on the other side of the property. But don't worry, he loved it too!

Here's Charlie with some friends before the hunt started.

Piper before church one Sunday morning recently...I just thought she looked so cute! (Something about our new camera makes her close her eyes almost every time I take a picture!)

Breakfast for dinner...this is how Piper eats a cinnamon roll!

Charlie loves his eggs...or should we say "see food"!!! (Wah wah wah)

Piper is TWO years old now! We just had a little family party with our fab 4 at home. Piper got a new little people doll house and she loves it! (This made Momma very happy!)

And...she loved the cake!

McDonald's happy meals for supper!

My sweet girl with her little cake. I can't believe she's two!

Piper wearing a tiger mask someone gave her.

Piper got a Tinkerbell balloon and we have a birthday hat, but it's too big for her little head, so Charlie spent the most time with it on! (Notice the closed eyes again!)

Piper loves my grandma's house...Grannie made a little "playhouse" for Piper and Charlie in her front closet. They think it's so cool and they really do spend a lot of time in there, just playing away. So cute!

Well, that gets us about caught up. Like I said, I'll post pictures later of our trip to St. Louis. And, now that I've finally got our new camera squared away, I'll post more often. I hope everyone is staying safe and dry and that you're loving the days of sunshine the Lord graciously slips in every now and then for us to enjoy! Can't wait for some more regular dry days so we can get out of the house more...my kids need to play!!! Oh, and Happy Mother's Day to all you momma's out there...get some extra squeezes and kisses from your little ones, and not-so-little ones, this weekend!!