Saturday, May 14, 2011

Smile for the camera!

We got Charlie's 4 year and Piper's 2 year pictures made this week in Louisville and I couldn't wait to get back here and post them! I think they turned out so well! The pictures I've posted are a little rough because they put the unedited versions on the cd that came with our package...but you still get the idea. I put some of the "outtakes" on here too because I thought they were funny. Enjoy!


Susan Wyatt said...

They are so cute! They did so well for pictures, I'm impressed.

Brittney said...

Your kids are sooooo adorable! Man they were really workin the camera huh? Both seemed to love taking the pictures too - way to go Charlie and Piper - making momma happy with some great photos!

Beth said...

Christi, These photos are amazing! You have adorable children! xoxoxo