Monday, March 16, 2009

Keep a countin' down!!

Oh my you see that countdown to Piper on the side?!?! 37 days! I am sooooo ready to be able to bend over, and sit normally, and sleep on my stomach, and just not be huge again!!!

Sorry, no pictures or really anything of much importance this time. I just am really ready to not be pregnant anymore and to have our little girl here with us! I'll do better next time and try to get some new pictures up here.

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OKeedokey said...

It's so exciting that little Piper will be here. I know just how you feel. You're happy she's coming, but really, you'd give ANYTHING to sleep on your stomach! It's like, since you can't, you want to do it so much more!!

Makes me wonder how in the WORLD people go 9 months and never know they are pregnant! How do they do laundry and not notice that they don't bend in half anymore!!!!

I sure hope we can visit you guys soon. We miss you guys!