Friday, January 18, 2008

family photo... sort of

because christi hates the photo to the right.. here is a picture of the two of us this past christmas season at her parents house. charlie is missing because he was sick and asleep upstairs... hopefully we'll get a full family photo soon!


Shelley said...

That's a great pic! We really do need to get together sometime.

Christi, what is your email? I tried to send you one the other day and it didn't go through.

Emily Doss said...

glad you found my blog- it's nice to see yours as well. Holly told me she got to see you guys lately and Charlie is too cute!!!

Anonymous said...

Great to see you all are going well! Check out my family and 8th month old Mary Kate.
Kelly Castleman Smith

kelly said...

Great picture!
Check out ou blog.

Daniel and Christy Davis said...

Hey, Happy Late Birthday to you too Christi! I hope Charlie is feeling better now! He is so cute!