Saturday, September 6, 2008

hog wild...

now that school has started back, my working nights during the week, and charlie going to daycare (which he *loves*) 3 days a week, i don't get to see him as much as i'd like, but we make up for it when we can. i get him up and we play on tuesday and thursday mornings, and we have a big time.

charlie and i had our first annual labor day men's breakfast this past week (at chick-fil-a of course)

charlie had **3** mini chicken biscuits, a fruit cup, part of my chicken biscuit, and 2 milks.
it cost us $9 to eat a fast food breakfast.... and all i had was a chicken biscuit and drink.

he really loves trucks and motorcycles... here he is at our church ...

then on labor day he got to "ride" a harley ("hog") with grandma brenda.

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