Friday, October 2, 2009

Summer's past...

I can't believe that summer's actually over! I love the fall, but I just don't think I'm ready for cold weather yet! I enjoy being able to walk my kids to church and not worry about them being bundled up enough when we go out. Warm weather is so much more convenient!

We've had a great summer here for our first summer in Cave City! We've had lots of visitors and made lots of visits ourselves. We've done lots of fun things and have had times when we were super busy and times when we just relaxed. I hadn't posted in a while (Christi) so I thought I'd take a minute and let you see some of what we did this summer (in no particular order because I can never get this thing to cooperate)...

My sister, Kimberlee and I took Charlie to the zoo in Louisville not too long ago. He loved it as always!

My grandparents came down to visit (more than once) and we always enjoy seeing them! Gramps loves to get his hands on these little ones!

Charlie LOVES his little sister! The thing is, I don't think he understands what it means when I tell him to be gentle because she's just little. I think he thinks she should be able to take whatever he can give! Don't worry...I have a feeling that one day soon, she will be!!

My sweet baby girl is growing so fast! I wish I had a picture of every precious little outfit she got to wear to church this summer...I guess I could have, but I'm not that good!!

These smiles warm my heart everyday! Piper loves her exersaucer and has grown into it very nicely! (This is an older picture, we definitely don't have to have the blanket in there anymore!)

Before Piper lost all of her red hair (it's a much lighter red now) I thought she blended in just great with Charlie's george dolls!!

Charlie has had a couple of friends over this summer. He loves to entertain! Here he is with his friend, Carson, who is about a month younger than Charlie. They had great fun taking the water OUT of the pool!

Some days I get random "craft" ideas for me and Charlie. This day, I made paper hats for his george's (I tried for him too, but we didn't have any paper that's quite big enough for his melon!) and Charlie wanted them all to have sherriff's badges like Woody from Toy Story. It's amazing what fun can be had with a little construction paper!
Charlie had his first experience in Vacation Bible School...he loved it! The theme was Son Rock Kids Camp.

We watched a lot of baseball this summer too...can you guess who we were rooting for?

There were several fun cookout/fellowship times with our church family. One of our church members (Mr. Tom) has an ice cream truck that he brought out for one of the cookouts. It was definitely a hit!
The Lord gave us a wonderful summer and we have been, as always, blessed by your prayers, calls, e-mails, and visits...keep 'em coming! (And I'll try to keep up with the posts...)

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Susan Wyatt said...

Great pictures! Looks like you are all doing well!