Saturday, July 10, 2010

Long time, no see!

Hey! Finally I'm gonna let ya'll in on what's been going on in the lives of the Cavni this summer! I just haven't felt like taking the time to post all of these pictures lately, but someday I'll learn that it's easier to do a few at a time than to wait until I have an epic post to make! Anyway, here's a few from Charlie's 3rd birthday (in May) to get us started:

As you can see, he was a happy boy!

He loaded up on plenty of new toys and clothes - thank goodness, because this boy is growing fast!!

This year was fun, because he had lots of little friends to come to his party and not just adults!
So cute!!

But we had plenty of adults that love Charlie there too!!

Momma's big boy!!

How sweet is this? I love it when I can capture a moment of love between these two because sometimes it seems that they spend more time picking at each other than they do loving on each other!

Here's another one. Piper just came up and plopped her little self in Charlie's lap all on her own!

We love to read around here! We discovered the public library this summer and we love it! Charlie and Piper have so much fun and we always bring MANY fun books home!! (And read them MANY times!)

Even Piper loves to read on her own

Also, check out the pig-tails Piper's been rockin'! I've just been waiting and waiting for this...I love it!!

Charlie and Piper loved vacation Bible school this summer! Here's a shot of Charlie and his class leaving refreshment time. I've got an absolutely hilarious video on my phone that I'll try to find some way to post later, but I'll just let you wait and see that to find out what happened (for those of you who don't already know)!

At the end of VBS, Charlie's teacher sent them home with a bag of goodies - the theme was Sonquest rainforest!

I love this picture of Charlie taking a flying leap onto our couch cushions! (This is a favorite activity of my kids - to stack up pillows and jump on them.)

My smiling kiddos!

We're never lacking in wrestling matches in the Cavness household...and to tell you the truth, it's usually Piper who starts them! She's a tough little cookie!

Charlie has been getting into some arts and crafts lately, we've painted, glued cereal and noodles, all kinds of stuff! Including...

a surprise craft for cutting boards ended up being "decorated" one day when I wasn't looking! Oh well, just makes meal prep more colorful!

Charlie got a workbench and tools for his birthday and now he "fixes" everything! This day, he was fixing my closet door. (The picture is blurry because I was trying to catch him in action without him seeing me!)

This is just a cute shot of my sweet girl in the adorable outfit she got from her Aunt Kimmie!

Some nights, Charlie and his daddy go do "boy stuff", which usually includes going to "W&X" (Charlie's interpretation of "A&W") to get root beer!

Charlie got invited to his first birthday party this summer! It was for his friend, Kennedy, from church who is just a few days older than Charlie. She had a princess-themed party and Charlie got to dress up like a prince!

This was just a ride in the car, but I had to post that cute face!

Whew! That was a long one! Thanks for all of you who stuck it out for the whole post :) There's more, but I'll leave it for now and post more later! Hope everyone is having a great summer and living the blessing like we are!!

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