Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Ok, so I lost my momentum on that last post. I had somewhere I was going, but I just can't find it anymore! Sometimes my mind works (or doesn't work depending on how you look at it) that way! I also finally remembered some pictures I have on my phone that I could put on here while our camera is still out of commission. So for those of you that have missed these 2 little faces...

Mom and I took the kids to Costco one of the times we were in Louisville, and Piper liked the stuffed animals!

Just a sweet picture of my precious girl!

Charlie likes to get comfy while watching TV!

I realized that it was really quiet one day so I went to check on Charlie and Piper. I found them in Piper's room and they had pulled everything out of her drawers (including tons of tiny little hair rubber bands that you can't see in this picture)!

Again with the TV watching...I promise we do other things!

I'm lovin' the pigtails! It's one of the reasons I always wanted a little girl!

Showin' off a new outfit at church.

I think Charlie was a little freaked out by the pumpkin man we found "downtown".

My little duo at Red Robin one day with Mom-O and Pawpaw (my parents).

Here's my kiddos outside beside their pumpkins that someone at church made for them last year. Charlie and Stephen put them outside one day and I told Charlie that they did a good job. He said, "Yeah, I couldn't have done it without daddy!"

Happy Halloween everyone! (Or, happy Reformation Day!) :)

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Anonymous said...

I'm glad to finally find your blog!! I can't believe how grown up Piper looks in this last post. They really change so so fast at this stage. It was fun catching up on you life through your blog!