Friday, December 10, 2010

Christmas Photo Shoot

Here's a look at our Christmas pictures this year. It worked out great because the kids and I were in Louisville last week while Stephen visited a friend and his church in NYC. (Freddy T and the Gallery Church, for those of you who know him.) That means I was able to take the kids to my FAVORITE picture place (Portrait Innovations) while we were there. This first one I love...I couldn't believe they got them both to smile so big at the same time!!

I think I love this next one even more! Again, amazed the the photographer caught such precious looks...even in the same direction! The funny thing about this is that we don't even "do" Santa at our house. The kids (at least Charlie) obviously know about Santa, but we just say he's pretend like Mickey Mouse or Elmo and that's about how far it goes. (We don't have a problem with people who go along with it with their kids or anything, it's just something we decided not to make a big deal of around here.) Anyway, this picture was just so fun and precious that I couldn't pass it up!!

This last one is one I got made to give to Stephen. I had a picture made 2 Christmases ago of me and Charlie (and Piper in my belly). Stephen has it on his desk. This Christmas, I decided I needed to give him a "complete" picture of all 3 of us for his desk. He loved it and I love knowing he looks at it during the day and loves us all so much!! :)

Have a merry Christmas everybody!!

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Susan Wyatt said...

Great pictures. The kids are so cute! We enjoyed Stephen being up here but I missed you! I'll always pick you over Stephen :)