Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!!

I was downloading videos today and realized that I have sooooo many...back from before Christmas...that I haven't shared any of! (We're still working on the camera...may have to buy a new one, but we will have still pictures again one day!) So, I'll get to some of those videos later, but I thought I'd share a happy valentines day with you today. Charlie had a party at preschool today and Piper and I went too. His teacher, Mrs. Moose was kind enough to have treats for Piper too and she loved it as much as her brother! They both got frog balloons and have had a blast running around the house with them since we've been home!

Happy Valentine's Day to you all - Love the Cavni!!



Brittney said...

WOW! Can't believe how grown up your precious kiddos are :) Seems like yesterday Piper was just a baby. . .now she's a precious little girl!

Matt said...

Those kids are getting so big! Hope we can see you all soon.

Beth said...

Christi! Your kids are adorable!!! Keep up the good blogging work :)

Beth said...
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