Friday, June 3, 2011

Grown-up trip!!

I just realized that I had worked on this but never posted it!! So, here it is! Stephen scored some tickets to a home game of the St. Louis Cardinals (whoo-hoo) so back in mid-April, mom and dad took the kiddos and the hubby and I headed west!! We made the trip early on Monday and stayed 2 nights in a hotel. We splurged and got a MUCH nicer hotel room than we usually do. It was worth it! We walked everywhere and had a great view of the arch - I'm talking it was literally a football field from our window!

The game was scheduled for Tuesday night but unfortunately (we thought) this was back during hurricane season in St. Louis (I know there aren't hurricanes in St. Louis, but that's what it looked like). Remember when the St. Louis airport was beat up on by some serious storms...we had the pre-show. Anyway, the game got rained out and we were bummed - just for a minute. We were told that they would play the game Wednesday afternoon and anyone with tickets for the rained out game would be given a seat the next day. So, we made a quick call to my mom to ask if it was ok that we return at a later time on Wednesday (she said it was fine, of course) and we made plans to come back to the stadium the next afternoon after we checked out of the hotel.

OK, here's the super sweet part...when we returned the next day and tried to get to our seats (way up high) there was an usher standing there blocking the way. He told us that that section was closed and that we could sit ANYWHERE WE WANTED!!! Needless to say, we were giddy! We marched ourselves WAAAAAY down to the row right above the season ticket section (the $14,000 per year section)!! It was incredible! Unless we happen upon another situation like this, I don't think I'll ever get to sit in seats like that at a ball game again! I loved it so much and we had a blast!! Sadly, the Cards lost, but I think that would've been the only thing that would've made the day better. (Well, unless I would've fought the guy behind us for the foul ball that he literally dove to snag after it landed under the seat next to me...I was totally bummed, but I got over it!)

Well, I've rambled on enough. We did so much other cool stuff in the city too, but I'll just let the pics with some short captions speak for themselves! (Mind you, the pictures are in no particular order, definitely not the right order chronologically because blogspot always beats me!)

A couple of shots of us at the game; it was a beautiful day!

We went to the Science Center in St. Louis and got a picture of the T-Rex for Charlie!

We were this close (ok I zoomed a little, but just a little) to one of our faves, Albert Pujols! AND...he hit a home run this time, the first time I've seen a Pujols homerun in person!!

This building was amazing. It is the courthouse where ex-slave Dred Scott's freedom was bought by his former owner. Also, some of the famous Dred Scott trials were held in this building. It was so interesting and also, very beautiful!

And of course, the St. Louis arch.

I took a picture of this building as we were walking through the city, just because I thought it was so cool. Later, we found out it used to be a post office. Fancy!

We ate dinner one night at Ozzie Smith's restaurant. Here's Stephen with all 13 of Ozzie's Gold Gloves. He was lovin' it!

On our first day in St. Louis, we took a tour of the Stadium. It was so great...very interesting to see behind the scenes. Stephen was proud that he could answer all of the guide's trivia questions, but upset that there wasn't a prize! Here we are in the Cardinals dugout!

Right on the field!

Here's a shot of the arch and our hotel (the round building) from the field...nice digs, huh?!?!

A great city!

We had so much fun on our trip, but of course were thrilled to get home to the little ones once again! Hopefully, this won't be a once in a lifetime experience. We treasure the times we get to be away together, no matter how few or far between they are. Also, we're looking forward to the day when Charlie and then Charlie and Piper can come with us and last through a whole game and maybe one day appreciate it as much as we do!

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Beth said...

Christi! What a fun trip. I love all the pictures! And yes, Blogspot drives me crazy with photo uploads too! I'm so impressed with your story about getting the great seats. That's so awesome!