Thursday, February 9, 2012

Christmas is defintely over

Since my last post was about Christmas, it's definitely time to blog a little bit! Usually, I have so many things that run through my mind...and then run right on out...that I don't have the capacity to actually sit and put anything down in a coherent manner! It really is a struggle sometimes to get thoughts out in a way anyone else would understand. The winter (if you could call it that)/post-holiday melancholies have set in for me and they are very much a hindrance to anything productive in my life...unwelcome!! Consistent sunshine and warmer temperatures, when they get here, will be ushered in with gladness from me and mine!

Not helping matters is this stupid boot I have to wear on my ankle for the next two weeks. I've been having issues with my left ankle for months and I finally bit the bullet and headed to an orthopedic dr. yesterday. He thinks I have Achilles Tendonitis and some other unidentified problem that he's hoping we can knock out with the boot, some steroids, and some anti-inflammatory pills. Honestly, I'm hoping the same because I need to be done with this inability to exercise...also, I am not in the mood to pay for anything more complicated!!

Enough about me and my pity party! Other than my numbness of brain, things are going pretty well around here. Charlie and Piper are growing like weeds. They will be 5 and 3, respectively, here in a couple of months...SOOOO hard to believe! They are showing many of the accomplishments and frustrations that come along with their growing independence.

Charlie's doing great in preschool. He is writing upper and lowercase letters and his numbers like a pro. He's also getting really good at figuring out what letter words start's really cute to hear him repeat the word to himself until he decides what letter he's hearing. ("Buh, buh, ball, ball...Momma, ball starts with B!")

Piper is pretty much potty trained, except for when she's asleep and many times is even dry then. I can take no credit for this either. She simply started going on the potty one day...her idea! So all of you out there that are fighting that battle, my advice is...just wait until they want to!! Much easier! No really, I don't care how you do it, this just worked for me...the less mess for me to clean up, the better! :) Now, the problem that comes along with this fun new thing for her is that she thinks she's "big" now and she does NOT need me! The other day at Charlie's school, she told me, "Momma, I have to go pee...don't come with me!" But honestly, if we're not in a public place, she really is capable and mostly, I let her do it herself! I can truly say I like this new stage!

Stephen and I are doing great and we're enjoying watching our little ones grow up into bigger little ones! They are such a joy. Every night we go look at them in their beds before we head off to our room and it is one of the sweetest moments in my day! In that moment, they are precious, silent (except for little snores and snorts every now and then), and no matter what frustrations the previous day held, I can truly treasure the gifts that God has given me as a mother. To Him be the glory!!

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Emily said...

Charlie has such a serious face in that picture! I also think he looks a lot like Stephen with his tie on - they are too cute!