Tuesday, April 8, 2008

catch up time...

i finally got a lot of pictures from the last 6 weeks or so. these are from the beginning of march up through today.

our boy is over 10 months old now.. we especially enjoy how his blonde hair curls around the sides and back! he is more and more mobile... he has taken a couple of steps on at least 3 different occasions.. so we are waiting (dreading?) the day when he starts walking...

in the next few days i will put up one of the only "on demand" performances of the billy goat/horse whiney/gremlin laugh.

sleepy boy!

charlie with his daddy on his 30th birthday.

watching the snow fall...

unexpected blizzard meant no warm clothes to go out and play

with grandpa

all smiles....

on the move..


puffy eyed

mop-py hair!

"i know im not supposed to touch this...perhaps my cute-ness will distract you.."

side view of the curls...

"how long do i have to sit here?"

"please pick me up!!"

charlie loves to play with his great-grandma's hair! (she doesn't mind!)


Daniel and Christy Davis said...

Charlie is getting so big! He is so cute! Hope you guys are doing well!


Lelakay said...

He's a doll! Love those curls for sure! Laney has also had about 3 instances of stepping, so as if she isn't into everything enough as it is with her speedy crawling, now, it will get more fun! ha! Glad you are enjoying each second as Charlie grows and changes. What a blessing!

Shelley said...

I can't believe he's almost one! And taking steps? Goodness!