Tuesday, April 22, 2008

tennessee pictures...

christi and i gained a nephew on april 12th. alex jonathan king was born and charlie became a big cousin!

here is alex with his dad tracy and big brother cameron.

the night before, charlie and cameron had a sleep over at my parents house. my mom ("gran")

bought them matching u.t. outfits... and my boy looks good in orange!

"rocky top.. you'll always be..."

follow the leader..
"im not sure...maybe they hid our clothes in here..."

wheel of fortune means its dinner time...

clothes are optional when playing a masterpiece.

we were glad to see several friends from martin and memphis while we were in west tennessee.. hopefully we'll be back sooner than later.


Lelakay said...

Great new pics! It is def so much more acceptable for little boys to run around half "nakey" than it is for little girls! ha!

Worship Leader Ron said...

rockytop = child abuse

I'm gonna get that kid some UK gear for christmas.

Shelley said...

Too cute! Congrats on the new family member!

AndrewRocks said...

Are clothes optional for Daddy on the piano too? They were when he was a famous guitarist.