Tuesday, December 23, 2008

2008 - the year in review

consider this our christmas card...

in 2008, no one had any major medical issues or operations... we consider this a success.

charlie turned 1 yr. old in may - despite his already having been wearing clothes made for 2 yr. olds. he has already had 3 haircuts, and is developing into quite the comedian. he also has a vocabulary that is pretty extensive, as long as the word starts with "b".

he started day care 3 days a week in august and after adjusting, really came to enjoy it. he has made several friends, and even has one little gal who cries if any one but charlie sits next to her. while waiting to pick him up one day, christi and i also spied him following two girls around hugging them over and over again.
that's right, i have discovered that my boy is a hit with the ladies. and why wouldn't he be? he is built like a super hero, yet has a senstive side, is very handsome, and is a bit mysterious (why does he like to play with my deodorant and stick his head in the garbage can?).

we have also discovered through the daycare process that he must taste pretty good, as on three separate occasions he has had disturbing fang shaped flesh wounds. our little gentleman has yet to retaliate, only to look quizzically at the pint sized cannibal as if to say "why would you do that?" then he cries. he is after all, a lover, not a fighter. (see above).

christi got to take a mini vacation in october and went to a conference with her mom and other ladies from our former church. she did quite well in her first extended leave from charlie.
she will finish up the semester teaching and then move into being a stay at home mom, which she has been looking forward to for a long time. we are both excited, but not as much as charlie will be. probably because she has never bitten him.

i am one class away from graduating from seminary. one final class stands in the way of my masters degree. and of course that class is a class in hebrew exegesis and syntax.

on the other hand, this fall i started taking tae kwon do again (i took it awhile when i was young) and made my way through three belt tests, currently being an orange belt. as a tennessean, that is better than a black belt. i also broke three boards- two with my hand and one with my feet. so if hebrew doesnt quite work out, i could have a career waiting for me as either a lumberjack or an infomercial star selling my own home exercise/defense videos.

christi and i have been married for four years now (nov. 20) , and by year 5 will have two children. our daughter is due to join us in april. her room is already painted in our new house and christi and her mom and sisters have already picked out the assorted things that a little girl needs. i have begun the process of looking into girls only k-college schools. i will also practice cleaning my guns on friday and saturday nights. i may also practice making various hors d'Ĺ“uvres so that in about 15 years when her "friends" come over, i can serve them on platters i broke with my bare hands...right in front of them.

the last day of november, the cave city baptist church voted to call me as their pastor, and so we have been in the process of moving and packing. [see previous post if this is news to you]
charlie has had his moments where he looks around wondering where all of his stuff is going, but he seems to deal with it pretty well. or he is suppressing it to blame us for his problems in adolescence. either way, packing is going well.

our new address is:

stephen christi and charlie cavness
601 e. broadway st.
cave city, ky. 42127

our cell phone numbers will remain the same.

we are moving on new years eve, so we will literally start the new year in a new town in a new house, with a new job, and other things that are new, or at least residing in a new place. we are looking forward to what the lord has in store for us in 2009. we will keep you updated, so check back here periodically...

to you and yours,
merry christmas and a very blessed and christ -centered new year.

from the cavni'

stephen, christi, and charlie (and coming, spring, 2009, piper) [read that in the movie announcer voice and it is even more exciting!)


OKeedokey said...

You are so funny. Just wait till your little girl is turning 5!! Haven turned 5 yesterday. Maybe I should have gotten Andrew a gun for Christmas and some Tae Kwon Do lessons. Do they have an orange and blue belt?

Mel said...

What a hoot! Tell Charlie, Ella feels his pain. Ella seemed to have been bitten at least once a week while we were in Italy and she still tells me at least once a week that Analy bit her on the face!?!? This happened in July and she still laments it! Didn't know todds had memories that long! To her defense it was a hideous bite that lasted for at least a week.

We're excited for you guys and I truly hope in 2009 we get to meet up!
Take care and happy moving!

Mindy said...

You crack me up. If you are successful finding a girls only K-college school my hubby would love to know about it.

Gran said...

When Piper is getting close to dating age (25 or so); ask Papaw for his "Application to date MY daughter" he prepared when Stephanie was about 15. You might want to use that. (instead of his police badge number, you can put which Tae Kwon Do belt you have acquired.

Emily Doss said...

hope your move went well and you are getting settled...I've been thinking about you guys a lot lately since you moved right around the new year.