Wednesday, January 14, 2009

checking in...

hello from cave city! this will be short, but a lot of people have been asking for details so here are a few...

we moved on new years eve and because of some tremendous help by some tremendous people in louisville and in cave city, the actual moving day from there to here went more smoothly than i ever could have imagined. (thank you eric, justin, john, jason, ryan, taylor,(louisville) bob, kevin, tom, and dennis (cave city) as well as chad and holly from bowling green. also a very special thank you to budget rental trucks for letting me drive the largest truck possible that didnt require a special license. that was awesome.

christi's parents and grandparents came the next day and brought charlie. he explored his new house while harry did a lot of curtain hanging, grandma rose ironed, and brenda and christi did various other things that needed doing.

christi and charlie have spent the last week and a half in louisville so she can finish up the semester there. they came back over last weekend (friday afternoon through sunday after church) and headed back for one more week. charlie seems to like his new home and new room, but i know it will be good for him to not be going back and forth and swapping time zones. i am ready to have my 2 favorite people back with me. only 2 more days and all of the cavni' will be cave city residents for good.

things at the church have been going well so far. i spent most of the first week just getting settled in and unpacking in my office. the first 2 weeks of services have gone well as far as i can tell. i am having to get used to 3 services a week instead of just one, so that is a challenge in the area of time mgmt /sermon preparation in addition to all that comes with being at a larger church.

the people at cave city baptist church have been amazing. they have kept the fridge full of home cooked meals for me while christi has been gone, they made christi a birthday cake and bought her a gift (on jan. 11 christi turned three decades old...) and this sunday night after church are having a "pounding". i have also been invited over to several homes for dinner/ ball game watching. they all seem excited to have us here and we feel very welcomed.

thats about it... when christi gets back and we get the house finished (almost everything is unpacked... just needs a woman's touch) we'll post some pictures.

hope everyone is well...



Emily Doss said...

do you remember when daniel had a "pounding" when ya'll lived together. I remember taking a picture of the table aka the ping pong table being covered with goodies. enjoy the pounding. :)

Gran said...

It is good to have a church family that acts like family. I know y'all will be glad to all be together and enjoy being in one house.
We are looking forward to when we can finally come for at least a one day visit.
Love you lots,