Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Small Town Life

It's rare to get both smiling and looking at me for a picture so, I got Charlie smiling in one and Piper smiling in the other (check out those teeth)!

How 'bout these curls?!

Charlie enjoys his cereal with milk like a big boy these days...and in big boy pants!

We live in a small town now. Not Georgetown small, not LaGrange small...I'm talking a real small town! Before, I never really imagined what it could be like not to live very near a city like I always have. I knew I would most likely be moving someday when I married a man on the road to career ministry, but I never thought about it being in such a different environment from where I was used to.

I miss Louisville sometimes. Things were so convenient there. There was much more to do. The zoo is there for heaven's sake and we LOVE the zoo! My family is there too, and many times I miss them dearly. But I'm finding that I'm gaining something here that I found myself lacking more often before...contentment.

I went to visit in Louisville last week and while we passed some time on those (rainy) days in the mall, Target, etc., I kinda felt yucky inside. I kept finding myself thinking, "Oh, I wish I could have this or that" or, "Ugh, I don't have any money and I want that!"
What is that about?!?! I have all that I need and even more! That was the world luring out the evil in my heart and pulling it to the forefront. I did NOT like it!

So, even though I still miss my family terribly, I'll praise God that the drive is only an hour and a half. I'll cherish my new life here in this small town, at home with my little ones, with not too many places to go, because I'm learning that God is using this place at this time to mold me little by little into the image of His Son. I DO like that!

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