Monday, April 26, 2010

Piper is one...and what a year it's been!

Here's a look at our little girl's 1st birthday party and a few pics since she's been one year old.

This is the cake I bought for us to eat at Piper's party...yummy! (You can tell I bought it because it's solid chocolate!)

This is the cake I made for Piper to destroy. I wasn't too concerned about perfection because I had a pretty good idea of what was about to happen to it!

We had the party in the "Sonshine House" at our church - it's the little building where the children and youth meet and have activities. Perfect for a party!

Here's me and my sweet girl...she was hammin' it up all day long!

Don't worry, even though this was Piper's day, Charlie definitely wasn't left out and he got plenty of attention (and presents) too!

She was loaded down with presents and her Aunts Katie and Kimmy made the cute sign behind her!

Piper got plenty of new toys and LOTS of new clothes that she really needed for summer! Yay!

We had to sing happy birthday, but she was ready to dig in!

This is not even the end actually got much worse! She required a bath immediately afterwards!

And now, a little fashion show in some of Piper's precious new clothes...

Some QT with big brother...nothing like a snack (Cheerios from the floor) while watching TV!

All smiles!

This one's after a bath...check out those curls!


Susan Wyatt said...

Miss Piper is a beautiful little girl! Looks like a great party, love the new clothes....too sweet!

The Fischer Family said...

Happy Birthday, Piper! Wow, one year already? Enjoy every minute of that precious little girl!!!!!

Brittney said...

WOW! What a absolutely wonderful post - I can't believe she's a little girl now - seriously catching up with my Anna. She's a doll! And those clothes, don't you just melt when she waddles around in them. Precious. Thanks so so much for sharing all the pictures from the wonderful day. I love your updates :)

Brittney said...

Hey Christi - have a momma question for you that I'm gonna shoot in an email. If you could send me an email at I can respond with my question for you :) Thanks so much!