Sunday, September 4, 2011

Just thinking back...

My sisters, brothers-in-law, and sweet nephew Owen were in this weekend. We had so much fun! Owen is 3 months old now and I LOVED playing with him, seeing his precious smile and hearing his baby noises! It got me thinking about my little ones. Time goes so fast, it seems like just last week one of mine was 3 months old!!

(FYI - This is no longing for a new little one of my own! I'm loving being an aunt of a baby and I LOVE that my little ones are growing and learning every day!)

I just thought I'd take a little walk down memory lane and check out Charlie and Piper at 3 months and then compare to where they are now. Hope you guys enjoy the look back too!!

(I do kind of wish I could take my babies out of these pictures to squeeze them and kiss those little cheeks, just for a minute or two!) :)

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