Friday, October 28, 2011

Chaney's Dairy Barn

On Wednesday, I got to go with Charlie on his 1st field trip! We went to a dairy farm called Chaney's Dairy Barn. We had a very full morning and Charlie got to do so much fun stuff! I loved being there to see it all!

First, we met Ginger (whose milk they sell at a local grocery store - isn't that cool!) and the kids got to pet her.

They also had a calf that the kids LOVED!! (They were a lot less intimidated by the baby!) Isn't it cute?!

Charlie was also quite taken by the little bunny that they had in a cage.

We got to go into the pumpkin patch (sorry I didn't get a picture of that) and Charlie picked his own pumpkin. Then we came back and the kids got to paint them.

They also had a playground with some really cool equipment that the kids got to play on. This was by far their favorite part!! Charlie did not want to leave!

Charlie's really not mad about his friend cutting in on his photo op. He is just really not into having his picture taken lately! (Notice that he's not really posing for any of the pictures in this blog!)

We got to go through a huge corn maze. Charlie wanted to touch EVERYTHING! I had to keep getting on him to keep up because I was sure we'd get separated from the group and lost in the corn! We made it out safe and sound though!

They make and sell their own ice cream at the farm restaurant. We each got a big ol' scoop, my favorite part of the day! Charlie, and many of the other kids, of course chose the blue!!

And, not to leave Piper totally out of the post, here's a picture of her at the harvest party Charlie's preschool had on Thursday. The kids were moving too fast for me to get many pictures but I did manage to snap this one of the Pipester. She had a blast!!

Hope everyone has a great weekend and a safe and fun Halloween! Costume pictures coming soon!

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Brittney said...

What a special memory!!! Love the post!