Thursday, February 25, 2010

Day by Day

This picture with all the bowls on Charlie's appendages? That's him imitating Curious one episode, George makes himself a robot outfit! So, this is Charlie's interpretation of a robot! Pretty creative if you ask me!

I thought this was so cute! Charlie was reading in his chair and Piper joined him on her own! Of course, when I got out the camera, I took her attention!

Piper's getting around everywhere. She crawls like a speed demon and climbs like a monkey! I know she'll be walking before we know it because she's getting more and more brave about letting go of things.
Piper also has associated her babbling sounds with at least one word now. I'd like to say that word is "momma", but I"d be lying. Of course, the other day when Stephen walked through the door after work, Piper crawled to the gate, looked up at him and said, "da-da"! Now she does it all the time and trust me...I'm working really hard on "ma" sounds with her!!!
I looked around for Charlie the other afternoon and didn't see him anywhere. Well, I looked on the other side of the chair and this is what I found:
It is so hard for me to get a good picture of Piper because anytime she sees me with a camera, she comes flying toward me trying to get at it! So, they almost all turn out to be candid shots, on the run!

Sometimes a guy just has to relax and watch a little TV (as long as it's Curious George, Playhouse Disney, or a Pixar movie)!
So, these are the kinds of things that go on in our house day by day. I get overwhelmed, tired, frustrated, entertained, inspired, and uplifted in any number of ways on any given day of the week. I am not one to EVER claim to be fabulous at what I do, but it's what I do. I could never have imagined motherhood the way it is. Before becoming a mother, I had all these ideas of how it would be and what kind of mother I would make. After becoming a mother, all those ideas flew out the window! It is a daily challenge to serve, train, guide, teach, love, and care for my children. All I can claim is the redeeming grace of Jesus Christ as my strength and have no idea how many times a day I feel like falling on my face and crying out to him! My consolation is that He is there and He never changes - no matter how many times my out of whack emotions do. I can always go to the cross of Jesus. Thank you Lord! And just when I feel like giving up, I look at those two precious little people and am reminded of the God in whose image they are created and I realize that He's using me right here, right now, and I can keep going.


Elizabeth said...

Georgia gets in Noah's exersaucer too! It is so funny how similar our days look!

Lela said...

Only by the grace of God can we train, love, and have enough patience, energy and sanity to raise our beautiful children! What a blessing it is to fall on our face before a powerful, mighty, forgiving God (as I am there myself a lot!).

OKeedokey said...

Awwwwww. What a great post. (Especially the last part) Amen Sister!