Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Who's in control?

I think I will dare to say that Charlie is potty trained! He still sleeps in a pull-up for naps and night time, but during the day, it's big boy pants all the way! He loves wearing them and will just jump up and run to the potty whenever he needs to go. But...he wants to empty his potty chair himself and that is kinda gross! I have to run in there as soon as I hear that he's done (the "reward music" that his potty plays is helpful in this) and catch him before he starts to empty it himself!

Therein lies the problem. Charlie is such an independent little guy, and he has always been capable beyond his age. For example, he knows exactly how to get out a DVD, put it in the player, and play the movie; he knows how to go to the pictures on Stephen's phone and scan through them; he knows how to work the CD player on his dresser; he can open the refrigerator and find anything he wants (and is strong enough to get out even a full gallon of milk) get the picture. He's very capable. However, Charlie is not an adult. We are working on teaching him that he needs to ask permission before he does certain things...and respect the answer he gets. Just because he's able to do something, doesn't mean that he gets to, or even that it is the best thing for him. Let me just say that he hasn't caught on yet.

I find in this another mommy-lesson from God. Even as an adult, I am not God. Even when I think things should be a certain way, and even when I have the control to make them that way, He still knows better. And I might not like the answer He gives. My job is to learn the same lesson that I am trying to teach my Father and obey Him!

Wow! Humbled again!

"For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, declares the Lord." (Isaiah 55:8)


Amanda said...

I am enjoying your insights and thoughts Christi, thanks for sharing!

Brittney said...

Very good momma thought - thanks for sharing the things you've been learning as a mom. It's very encouraging to us younger momma's!

The Fischer Family said...

Lovin' your blog! Oh, the things I have learned as a momma!!!! As for the potty thing, we had that problem, so we went straight to the big potty and it eliminated the issue. I know you have a big, tall boy... so the change might not be that hard! Matthew can climb up on it and get down all by himself, and they make those little potty seats that go on top of the big potty seats. Might be something to try :)