Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Why do I let this blog get so behind?!?

This could very easily be my longest post to date, since I am so behind in posting! I've been meaning to catch up on here for so long, but haven't been very disciplined to get it done! I've decided I want to begin a discipline for myself of writing on here more, but I won't start that with this post since it's already a mile long with pictures! I'll post a little blurb about the pictures and write more later!
Here are my little darlings with their "blankies" (Charlie's is named Simon and Piper's is named Simone). They each got these at birth and Simon in particular has become a bedtime must for Charlie and Simone is becoming one for Piper as well.
Here's a closer view of Simon and Simone, you can see they have the kids' names on them.

My sweet girl...she's had that tongue sticking out since she was born!
This was a morning she got her hand in the cereal bowl...and you see the results!

Here is Charlie dressed up for church in his Christmas outfit. He was so excited to get to wear a tie like daddy! (But he was not interested in letting me take his picture!)

My baby girl around Christmas can you not smile with that sweet face coming toward you?!?

Charlie put the Christmas hat on himself! He's enjoyed playing basketball in his room with his Mickey goal!

We're working on the brushing the teeth thing. I usually have to wrestle my way in there to get them good, but he does try (most of the time!).

Piper still eats some baby food, but she's learning to feed herself pretty well. How did I forget how to do all of this stuff in just under 2 years! I feel like I'm learning again for the first time! (Not that she's any different than Charlie was or anything!)

This is one of my new favorite pictures...our first really good one together! It takes me a while to feel "presentable" again after having a baby. It takes a lot out of a person you know!

Bathtime is SO much easier when you can economize and throw 'em both in at the same time! They love it too...although Piper is quite the splasher!

I put just about everything Charlie owns on him for his first romp out in the snow...can anybody say, "A Christmas Story"!

Charlie and daddy had a good 'ol time together!

Of course the Tennessee jersey was a purchase made by Stephen, but doesn't he look so cute anyway?!?

Charlie finally officially graduated to a big boy bed! He loves it and he sleeps in it really well. He was super excited about the Mickey sheets too!

I just thought this was darling and I snapped a picture real quick. My babies love to look out the windows and I love it when it turns out this sweet looking!

That's my little Pip!

She has a very contagious smile...I love it so much!

And finally, even Elmo gets a little thirsty sometimes!

Well, there you have it folks! As I said, more later from this momma's viewpoint (and of course I'll keep the pictures coming!).


Susan Wyatt said...

Very cute pictures! I love the one of them looking out the front door, so sweet. Thanks for sharing your growing kiddos!

Brittney said...

What a great update! Man, that was jam packed of precious pictures and personality! From hand in the cereal to Elmo needing some juice, they are precious. I especially love the window picture too. AH! Love it! Excited to hear your mom-thoughts in the next post too :)