Monday, November 22, 2010

The Next Video Installment of The Cavni Kids

Here's a couple more videos for your viewing enjoyment! This first one is funny. It's of Piper running "laps" around our living room. She does this ALL THE TIME...especially at night time. It's like this is how she winds herself down for the day! And, this usually lasts a while! Hilarious!

This next one is of Charlie. I went to his room one day and this is what I found. It's just, well, it's Charlie! :)

More to come!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving week, everybody!


Matt said...

That is hilarious! I can't wait until Ruth Anne gets bigger and starts doing funny stuff! Miss you guys!

Brittney said...

HA! Where's your clothes?
I took them off.
Because I want to.
That video is awesome!!! Underwear Charlie with a helmet in his toy box. So cute. I also LOVE the one of Piper just running in circles. Anna does that before bed nowadays too. It cracks me up.