Saturday, November 27, 2010

More Videos

Since we're home, I thought I'd go ahead and add a few more videos. Hope everybody had safe travel and a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

This first one is of Piper. I caught her really into Sesame Street one day and she was dancing and waving. I didn't catch the best of it, but at least you'll get to see a little bit of my cutie!!

This next one is Piper also...the other side of her personality, though! I was trying to capture her awesome bed-head after her nap one day. She obviously wasn't feeling up to being on camera!

The last video I have for you today is of both of my little ones. They were playing with some extra keys they found. I thought you might enjoy one of the peaceful moments between the bouts of sibling rivalry that tend to erupt sometimes when they play together! (Notice Charlie's attire - it's his favorite. And, nevermind the fact that Piper keeps putting the keys in her mouth!)

1 comment:

Brittney said...

Anna also loves her keys. She 'fixes' things with her keys (namely the screwes in Daniel's swing) and locks all our doors too. Totally digging the videos!